Pieter Oberholser
F&I Consultant



We make financing your vehicle easier with fast application turnaround times, flexible repayment terms, and very competitive rates. We also provide you with a range of financial products that suit your specific individual financial needs.

We arrange finance through Mercedes Benz financial services, Wesbank, Absa, Standardbank and MFC.

Have you guaranteed the future value of your vehicle?  With Agilty Finance, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, guarantees the future value (GFV) of your vehicle.  Drive the latest Mercedes-Benz every 36 Months with no trade-in risk.

Get total protection and peace of mind with a quote on our insurance products, life cover, shortfall cover, warranties, service and maintenance plans.

For a Quotation on any of the above please contact us on 044 802 7000

We are an Authorized Financial Services Provider No: FSP 45285

Find out what monthly finance instalment you qualify for, by completing a few simple questions on your income and expenses. This fully automated process is quick, convenient and private. Based on your input, an affordable instalment pre-qualifier is generated, allowing you to narrow your search for your preferred Mercedes-Benz. Pre-Qualifiers can easily be converted into full approvals, via the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services credit application process. For more assistance, contact +27 (0) 44 802 7000 office hours.


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